I was the front-end developer for this site. It was my first time using laravel and to this day, I’m still amazed on how clean a php framework can be. The blade templates are a joy to work with. The simplicity of extending layouts and the ease of outputing data was mind-blowing. There was so many different pages to do, each with a unique combination of layout & functionality. Laravel blades really help me organize it all.

Live Link: https://www.ayana.com/


This was a memorable campaign. It was a feature heavy site, and the first prototype of the home page was lagging. I’m pretty sure a laptop, death by overheating. There was a obvious need to optimize the site & the solution we found was the ‘Advanced JS Optimization’ of google closure. The code was both fast and super small. It was the first time I used Google Closure as a JavaScript framework & I used it as my go-to framework ever since. I was the front-end & back-end developer for this site.

The image masonry of the photographer pages is worth mentioning. The designer wanted a masonry layout where the images didn’t crop. It was a head scratcher for 2 weeks & literally experienced a Eureka! moment when i figured it out

Live Link: http://www.shootinggalleryasia.com/


I was the front-end & back-end developer for this site. What I enjoyed about this project was the complete control I had on both the front-end and the back-end solutions. Imaculately clean code, optimized and obfuscated JS, and a custom tailored wordpress CMS which was super admin friendly. It was nerd-vana.

Live Link: http://rippledot.com/


I was the front-end developer for this site. We went for a full page slide interface not only for the home page, but on all/most of the pages. I think this was the first site I experimented on using CSS animations instead of JS based animations powered by TweenMax. I remember debating with the designer on what the image size of a fullscreen image should be. Fun times.

Live Link: https://www.aspirelifestyles.com


I was the front-end & back-end developer for this site. It was quite challenging cause I knew the designer was strict when it came to the design. I labored a fair bit to execute a “pixel perfect” html version of her PSD’s. I still remember the hackish work-around I used in the social media page, cause instagram didn’t allow getting feeds by tags. The interactive infographics were the first time i tried using a layered SVG images with ID’s. It was also one project were I had the chance to add an animated preloader

Live Link: http://visionbodyasia.com/


I was the front-end developer for this site. It was quite fun to do because I remember being given a good amount of time to experiment with the scroll animation of the elements. Decided not to use a slide framework like fullpage.js because I knew there was a lot of customization to be made. I think the designer was really happy with the final product.

Live Link: http://tmaevents.sg/