This was a memorable campaign. It was a feature heavy site, and the first prototype of the home page was lagging. I’m pretty sure a laptop, death by overheating. There was a obvious need to optimize the site & the solution we found was the ‘Advanced JS Optimization’ of google closure. The code was both fast and super small. It was the first time I used Google Closure as a JavaScript framework & I used it as my go-to framework ever since. I was the front-end & back-end developer for this site.

The image masonry of the photographer pages is worth mentioning. The designer wanted a masonry layout where the images didn’t crop. It was a head scratcher for 2 weeks & literally experienced a Eureka! moment when i figured it out

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I'm see myself a craftsman with constantly obsessed with excellence. I've realised that perfection is as myth, so i'm satisfied by trying my outmost in any task i do. I work hand-in-hand with other people to produce these beautiful sites.